Dental Concierge

Dental Concierge

Dr. Suzanne Haeri offers amenities and interesting extras to make each visit with us an enjoyable experience. Gone are the days when a visit to the dentist has to be a terrifying experience.

Spa Dentistry combines dental and spa services. Our goal is to provide high quality dental care with the specialized relaxation of spa services and treatment.

Our facility is one whose dental program is run under the strict supervision of a licensed dentist. Services provided integrate both traditional and non-traditional dental and spa treatments.

Today a guest can enjoy the following VIP luxuries:

  • Hot Towel Service
  • Massage therapy upon request
  • Blankets
  • Video iPods
  • Flat Screen TV's
  • Soothing Music
  • Sweet Air

*Oral Sedationfor patients with anxiety or dental phobias

A dental appointment at our office will seem like a day at the spa!

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